"Jason has always been a friend but when I started my own business, his experience as a business owner was incredibly helpful. His help kept us on the right track and gave us a solid foundation to build on. ” 

B. Davis

why coaching?

  • Perhaps this is you? On the road to success sometimes people stop at the 24 hour diner and don’t leave. Are you still there enjoying another cup of coffee and a slice of homemade pie, living off past successes? It’s time to get back on the road! Perhaps you forgot what direction you were going or you need a new direction entirely.
    I can help! We can open doors that find answers, not pre-packaged answers that don’t fit, but answers that help you meet your “saboteurs” face to face. 

  • Do you have access? As a Professional Coach, I work with those who have a vision for an extraordinary quality of life, are seeking to reach personal or professional goals, or wish to create optimal balance in their lives. 
    I am passionate about empowering you to synergize your own strengths, desires, and passions so that you can overcome obstacles and take the necessary steps to achieve your dreams and goals. If I can give you two things, they will be insight and empowerment. 

  • I am a bright, capable person, why me, why now? One reason might be because you want to have a collaborator that does not just gloss over a potential story that is not serving your needs. Perhaps because you have tried several actions and you keep winding up back at this same point. Perhaps you know you are worth more money, but it seems to elude you. Perhaps because you find yourself happy, but it has a shelf life, and you are not sure why that happens. As you can see the reasons are varied and the timing is unique to you, as are the answers.